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Beach Dogging

Jody’s first Day at the Beach Dogging

Being still very new to this lifestyle – I was still a bit sceptical that it actually did exist. My Man( here after referred to as GD) was keen to prove to me it was real – so suggested we try some daytime dogging at a hotspot close to Byron Bay called Tea Tree Lake. It was a beautiful day, the sun was beating down, and I was wearing my new dress which I bought particularly for the purpose of Dogging. (stretchy material, short so easy to pull up, low cut so easy to pull down exposing the breasts, dark tie dyed colour so doesn’t show any marks).We arrived at the lake and it was peaceful and the water was calm. How could such a picturesque scene be home to an adult playground? I was soon to find out.As we began walking around the lake, I walked closely behind GD. I felt excitement as I knew I was wearing nothing under my dress except 2 nipples sticking out and a wet pussy. We passed a naked man (let’s call him R1- for Random 1…) I thought GD hadn’t seen him because he continued to walk. I whispered to GD “Hey, did you just see that guy in the bushes?” to which GD whispered back..”yes, don’t worry, he’ll follow us soon.”We arrived at a break on the path…and GD said that we’d stop here. He put his bag down and I asked him what he wanted me to do. I could see his cock was now standing hard and he ordered me to suck it.I took him in my mouth as I have done many times before, but each time I just love it more and more. He yanked down the top of my dress and starting playing with my nipples. The mosquitoes started to bite, but I didn’t care –I was having a great time. Suddenly, I was aware that there was a different hand fondling my other breast. Wow, this was getting really exciting. Little did I know – this was only the start. I looked up to see R1 with his cock standing hard…and it was just yelling out “suck me, suck me”. So I happily obliged, taking it deep in my throat. Suddenly I was aware of someone else standing there. I looked up again, to see R2 and another raging hard-on. So I took his cock in my mouth while giving a handjob to R1. The ground is great for not hearing footsteps so suddenly I’m aware of a few more guys standing around, enjoying the show, with their hands on their cocks and just waiting to be sucked also. I was in the middle with these 6 guys plus GD stood around me. It was the greatest feeling. I just took turns taking them all in my mouth and giving handjobs. dogging_partner_does_on_the_beach All this time GD is fondling my pussy from behind until I’m dripping wet. Suddenly I needed a cock in there, and as GD can always sense what I’m thinking – he rammed me hard from behind. The guys just loved the show and GD could sense that a couple were very close to coming so he said to them – “you can cum on her tits if you want” to which they willingly obliged……in urgent spurts, and I massaged their juices into my body like a lotion.Then the mossies got the better of me and I decided it was time to go….so as quicky as the R’s arrived, they all just disappeared back into the trees. As we walked back to the car, we passed two of the guys, and we waved and said “See ya” to which they replied ”Yeah we hope we see you two again” .When we were back in the car – I said to GD “ok, I believe you now, dogging is not just an urban legend! So where are you taking me next weekend? “

Beach dogging caught out
Jody’s Day at the Beach Dogging

It was a lovely sunny day and GD surprised me by saying he was going to take me to a different beach today – Kings Beach in NSW. When we arrived at the car park – it was deserted apart from one truck. This didn’t look promising! Oh well – I might actually get some sunbaking done today!We walked down what seemed like hundreds of steps, and finally arrived at the most beautiful beach I had ever seen. It was in a little cove – and we had the whole beach all to ourselves.We found a nice little place under some trees to lay down our stuff and strip naked. I didn’t think we were going to get much dogging action here so we decided to have some fun of our own.Up to this point – GD had only consented to anal in the confines of the shower. It was time to try some anal outdoor action! The tree next to us was the perfect height for me to lean on as I bent over – offering my bear arse to GD for his pleasure. The sun was beating down and the waves were crashing on the shoreline. It was a perfect day….as GD rammed his hard cock into my tight arse. Awesome – I was in heaven. I moaned ecstatically as he thrust deeper and deeper. Afterwards we walked into the ocean to splash ourselves with the cool salty water. The sun always makes me extremely horny so I wanted more. I had never had sex in the ocean before – and as it was my year for new things, I started kissing GD passionately while the waves crashed around us.

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I could feel GD growing hard again so I turned around offering myself to be fucked again. This was turning into a better day than I thought.Soon after – we saw a few black clouds start to roll in – so decided to pack up our stuff and head back to the car. As we walked along the path – we passed a naked man playing with himself. He had obviously seen our antics and was highly aroused. He was older than I would normally go for – but had a nice body and an even nicer cock! I bent down to start sucking off GD and the other man came over and stood watching with his hand on his cock. I stopped sucking GD and turned my attention to the naked stranger standing next to me. I knelt down and put his cock in my mouth and started sucking. It tasted salty (he’d obviously been for a dip in the ocean too). He moaned appreciately as I sucked harder, carefully swirling my tongue around the head of his cock. After a while I could sense that he was close to cumming so I moved my mouth and offered up my tits for him to cum over. He shot his large load all over them and I massaged it in while licking my lip! Oh how I love the feel of cum. Then i stood up – said “see ya” and we walked off happily back to the car.

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