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Day at the Park Dogging

Lunchtime Dogging

Went to a spot in eastern suburbs that I had been to a few times. Had watched a couple through my rear view mirror going for it in the back seat and got a wave as I left. Had also watched a couple with her giving him a head job form a parking position a few cars down, also spotted them a second time and opened my door to give her a view of me getting of while I watched them ( fairs fair ). When I pulled in the other week was disappointed as that car wasn’t there but another coloured car was there. Thought it was going to be a downer till when I parked I looked across and the same man was sitting in his car but I couldn’t make out whether the lady was with him. It was then I spotted the movement with his arm across to the passenger side that was on my side and a knee with a leather boot come up over window height.
It was then that a four wheel drive came past us both and looked then parked across from us. He got out and strolled behind my car and wandered over to there’s. He was having a good look in the windows and I watched as he moved around the car slowly. I think he was given a bit of a brush off and walked across to his car and I thought he was going to drive off. Then he drove across and was backing up right next to their car and I looked over to him shrugged my shoulders and gave him a look of what do you think your doing your getting in my way.
He looked and decided to move the other side of my car and look from there. It was then I decided to get out of my car and slowly wander across and see what the couple was up to. To my surprise her seat was reclined and there she was skirt up around her stomach, legs spread no panties, leather boots and her breasts exposed.

The biggest surprise was that she was blindfolded
He had sunglasses on so you could not see his eyes and his hand was rubbing all over her lovely looking pussy. He then indicated with his hand for me to rub her leg so I obliged, then pointing upwards I was indicated to play with her breast, this went on backwards and forwards all the while he was rubbing her pussy gently. I was able to rub my hand close to her pussy but not actually rub it and I respected his limitations. My cock was as hard as anything in my pants.
blindfolded-doggingHe then indicated for me to move back which I did and I noticed the guy from the four wheel drive and another guy around the car watching. Then he started to go to work on her pussy spanking it with his fingers, this made me that horny I decided to risk it and took my cock out and started wanking right next to the open car window. He then told her to place her hand up by the window which she did and I placed my cock in her hand. She started wanking me for a little while then his fingers got to much for her and she placed her hand behind her head grabbing the head rest for support. Her breaths were hard and she was gasping so I wanked myself and blew my load on the ground beside the car. She calmed down and I said thankyou and made my way back to the car. I left and watched the two other guys move away back to their cars.
I do wonder whether he let her see my deposit.

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