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First time day time dogging experience

I would like to share my first time day time dogging experience. As i am sure most of us here can relate, the art of dogging is usually preformed during the cover of darkness. 3 weeks ago, i was invited along to play during the day with a lovely couple which i met on this site. We had chatted on Western doggers the night before and agreed to meet up at lunchtime in a Melbourne Park. Very anxious, i made sure to arrive early as not to miss out on the opportunity.

.It was a hot sunny day and the park was packed with people everywhere, so i decided to scout around and suss out any suitable locations. i stumbled upon a parked car with a couple in the back seat, but could not tell whether this was the couple i was here to meet and what was going on in the back, so i decided to move in for a closer look. as i made my way over toward where the car was parked, the young couple scurried into the front seat and drove away. I guessed this was not the couple i was here for. i spent the next half an hour wandering around hoping to find some action. I spotted a couple who looked like they were waiting for someone, so i made my way back to the car and proceeded to park close to them and wait and see.

As i parked, the lady in the passenger side got out. She was stunning, with a great body and when she called out my name i found myself thanking the big guy upstairs. i wandered over and after introductions were finished, we agreed to move to a better spot. i followed and pulled my car up next to theirs on the passenger side. by the time i got over to the window, he had her dress hiked up and was rubbing her pussy through her lacey panties. i was invited to get my hand in on the action and the panties were pulled aside to reveal a lovely smooth pussy. it was so wet down there and i was so turned on by the fact this was going down in the broad daylight with people everywhere.

The car door was flung open as we all got into it and soon this gorgeous woman was tugging at my belt and reached for my hard throbbing cock. i was in extacy as she took me in her mouth. it took all of my will power not to explode immediately. there was some great photos taken and eventually my sacks were empty and it was back off to work for me. Best lunch break ever. To the couple involved, thanks for everything and can’t wait to meet again. to everyone else on here, i strongly recommend getting out and experiencing the thrill of broad daylight dogging!

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