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The Dogging Diaries Day 1 – Gloryhole Virgin

It was a miserable Thursday, unseasonably wetter than usual for beautiful Brisbane. I had just met a new guy (who shall be referred to as MM (my man) from now on), and he was keen to introduce me to the delights of the gloryholes in the adult cinema in the Valley. I had visited the cinema on several occasions before, but never had the pleasure of the gloryhole experience.


As we entered the cinema and paid the required fee to receive a handful of condoms, I walked with anticipation up the stairs. When I reached the top of the stairs, I scanned the room excitedly hoping for some random (hereafter referred to as R and the number order in which I encounter them) who may take my fancy. That’s part of the thrill – never knowing who you might meet…or just how big their cock might be !

We sat down and began watching one of the movies being projected on a giant screen. It was two women in a swimming pool. The camera angle showed them from underneath the water and one of them had a white bikini on. You could see her nipples standing out in the nylon material, then she began moving her finger down and inside her bikini bottom, to play with her clit.

At this point – I felt myself starting to get aroused. I wanted to feel a finger inside MY clit. So I lifted my tiny black skirt, (no panties of course) and gently slid my finger into my already moist clit. Mmmm that felt nice. I looked up and noticed R1 stood in front of me looking very aroused. He already had cock in hand and was playing with it expectantly. MM was enjoying the attention I was receiving. Then I noticed R2 sat to the left of me. I think MM knew him as he then ordered me to suck R2’s already rock hard cock. How could I refuse….hard cocks are just born to be sucked!

gloryhole2I moved closer to R2 and heard him moan as I lowered my mouth onto his cock. Mmm nice and thick – just how I like them. I gently moved my mouth up and down over his huge cock. I could tell by the noises that R2 was loving it.

Then MM motioned for me to stop and move towards the gloryholes. At last, when at my age I thought I’d seen it all, done it all, I was going to experience something new. Me and MM stepped inside one of the cubicles and shut the door behind us. I’d heard about these at swingers clubs in Melbourne and Sydney….but here I was in beautiful Brisbane, about to experience the thrill for myself.

I was amused to see there were two holes, one to the left and one to the right. To my absolute delight, there was a hard cock sticking out of both holes, waiting

expectantly. I kissed MM as he slid his finger in my throbbing pussy and motioned for me to get busy. I bent down to the cock of R3 and started sucking. Wow this was hot!…an anonymous cock! I was loving it. I moved my hand towards the cock sticking out of the other hole and starting wanking R4 off. His cock was nice and thick too so I decided I wanted it in my mouth. So as I changed positions…R4’s cock in my mouth and R3’s cock in my hand….I could feel another mouth on my hand. MM was bending down and had started sucking R3. Wow this was getting really hot. No wonder MM wanted to bring me here…he wanted to suck cock too! MM had his hand still up my skirt and I was getting wetter and wetter. I stood up straight to kiss him, and we kissed passionately, (I know – hard to imagine in a gloryhole cubicle – but it’s true!!)

R3 and R4 both stuck their arms through the glory holes and were caressing my body. One was fingering me while the other was pinching at my very hard nipples.

This was all while I was enjoying a passionate sexy kiss with MM. Suddenly R3 and R4 both moved away…and it was just me and MM. I could feel myself getting closer, closer to cumming. All this pleasure was just too much..My body trembled as we kissed and then it happened….I squirted all over the floor. Never before have I squirted stood up. The glory holes definitely turned me on.

Then MM whispered in my ear…”Come on babe…lets go home to bed”

We left the puddle in the cubicle and as we walked past all the R’s we smiled and said “See you next time ! ”

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