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Lunchtime Surprise

This happened a few months ago now at a well known melbourne park location under a famous bridge. I had a rare weekday off work so headed down to the said park around lunchtime. Just as I was parking , I noticed a couple exiting their vehicle in the carpark. They immediately made their way into the park. Another guy was following them very closely, and I observed from a distance as they walked around for a while. I figured they may just be out for a lunchtime walk so headed up around the toilet block to see if there was anything else going on.

After a few minutes the couple came up the path towards the toilets and entered the disabled toilet. They were in there for a few mins when the guy came out, had a look around and nodded at me to come in. I followed him in and found a very sexy lady blindfolded in there. He told her to lift her dress up and show me her pussy. She obeyed, and I was encouraged to finger her while he took a few happy snaps. I fingered her and he joined in until she came.

He then had her sit down and suck his cock a little , before he motioned me over and she had a taste of my hard rod. He then had her stand up, and asked her to show us her ass, and she duly lifted her skirt to reveal a beautiful ass which I had a nice feel of. He then bent her over and rammed her from behind whole she gave me a lovely sloppy bj. He finished himself inside her, and indicated that was it so said thank you very much and left them to it.

A very nice lunchtime surprise

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