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Melbourne Dogging Play

Well it started out with the end of school holidays and what better way than to release all that saved up sexual energy than to have a public sex session I said to Jodie that I wanted to take her to a place we have only fucked there once before and there was hardly anyone around she was up for it and because it’s not far from our place we were there in no time.

The intention was to fuck in the car and let people see us as they wish, we climbed in the back and slid the lower parts of our clothing down and began to play with each other and we were already getting a few gents walking past and having a look. We were both a bit nervous but soon got into it and after about 10 mins Jodie wanted my cock in her, She faced away from me and I somehow managed to perform a kind of seated spooning move and slid my cock in and began pumping.

By now we had 3 guys watching and with their cocks out pulling away two of them were not to Jodie’s liking but the 3rd packed a cannon and Jodie wanted a extra cock I couldn’t say no to her, so we got out of the car I got her on all fours and began to fuck her doggystyle while she played with 3rd guys cock, I asked him if he’d like a go and we swapped ends Jodie moaning as he slid in and began thrusting away. By now one of the other guys was firing off his load I said to Jodie its been awhile since you have had a dp how’s about we treat you to one.

Jodie was up for it and slid her pants and underwear off 3rd guy laid down and Jodie got on top, While she was fucking him I finger fucked her ass First with 2 fingers then 3 I could feel the 3rd guys cock moving in her while I did this, After a few mins I got behind her and asked 3rd guy to spread her ass I began to push my cock in until I got the head and half the shaft in it was then we began to fuck slowly at first until 3rd guy and myself got our movements sorted and with Jodie almost air tight we fucked away

By now we had 5 other guys watching and Jodie noticed one had a very nice looking cock on him and invited him over where she proceeded to suck it ( something she never normally does straight away lucky guy) and it wasn’t long before he was pulling out and shooting his load on her back that set me off and I began to blow my load straight up her ass instead of her tits like I wanted too.

She changed positions with 3rd guy with him on top and fucking away it wasn’t long before he pulled out and blew a huge load on her pussy and chest.

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