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Yarra Bend Dogging Melbourne Picnic at BP Melbourne Park Melbourne Dogging Play Pleasant Surprise Dogging at its purist

Yarra Bend Dogging Melbourne

I had to work late that evening so on the way home I grabbed a pizza and parked near the river at YB. Later on I wandered over to the picnic area and noticed in the moonlight a couple who were busy kissing and cuddling whilst learning against one of the picnic tables. I just […]

Picnic at BP Melbourne Park

Cat and I had just bought some pastries and heading back to the car we realised what great weather it was for a winter’s day. After exchanging knowing looks, no words were needed, Cat drove straight to BP. Between gear changes she checked the hardness of my joystick, and I kept her lubed with my […]

Melbourne Dogging Play

Well it started out with the end of school holidays and what better way than to release all that saved up sexual energy than to have a public sex session I said to Jodie that I wanted to take her to a place we have only fucked there once before and there was hardly anyone around […]

Pleasant Surprise

Last Friday night decided to visit a place known for dogging on the way home. Given the night was still warm and the forecast rain had not yet come I thought they may be a slim chance I may run into a couple. When I arrived there didn’t seem to be anyone there so I […]

Dogging at its purist

Last night the weather was perfect for a spot of dogging so I headed out to a local dogging spot. As I chatted with a fellow dogger we watched a couple get out of their car and wander up the hill. We followed them up shortly after and found them kissing and cuddling by the […]

First time day time dogging experience

I would like to share my first time day time dogging experience. As i am sure most of us here can relate, the art of dogging is usually preformed during the cover of darkness. 3 weeks ago, i was invited along to play during the day with a lovely couple which i met on this […]

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Port Melbourne Packs a Punch

Katie hadn’t been let of the chain for a while, what with school holidays, colds and flu’s and a visit from the mother in law from sunny QLD. Thursday dawned, and the lure of fresh salt air beckoned.So we headed over the Bolte, admired all the tax payers money in our mini LA, spaghetti like […]

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Jodys trip to the beach

Being still very new to this lifestyle – I was still a bit sceptical that it actually did exist. My Man ( here after referred to as GD) was keen to prove to me it was real – so suggested we try some daytime dogging at a hotspot close to Byron Bay called Tea Tree […]

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One of our favourite parks last night

Joan was dressed to fuck. Bra, Knickers, Fuckme boots and her big black coat. We got out of the car and walked the lenght of the park. Stopping evrey now and then so I could suck her wet pussy or tit in front of whoever was around. We headed to a table and she lay […]

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