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Picnic at BP Melbourne Park

Cat and I had just bought some pastries and heading back to the car we realised what great weather it was for a winter’s day. After exchanging knowing looks, no words were needed, Cat drove straight to BP. Between gear changes she checked the hardness of my joystick, and I kept her lubed with my wandering hands.

After parking the car we took the blanket and food to our favourite sheltered spot, off the track amongst trees and in the sun.

We made out on the blanket for a while, and Cat got a real thrill when I lifted her top and exposed her tits to the warm sun. She returned the favour by freeing my hard cock and allowing it out for some fresh air.

After a while a man in black (MIB) sauntered up and was immediately invited to share the rug. He laughingly informed us that there was a guy in a flouro vest lying flat on the ground watching us from a distance. He gave it no further thought as he lifted Cat’s dress up, pulled her panties to one side and inserted his tongue. Cat moaned, turned her head and sucked on my cock.

Pretty soon flouro guy had crept up and was standing a few metres away. I invited him in so he knelt down and took out a nice looking cock. Cat sensed the movement, looked around and took flouro guy in hand. Just a few well timed strokes had him dumping a nice load all over Cat’s tits. He thanked us and left, while I massaged his cum into her tits – a particular favourite for both of us.

Soon another guy arrived and, having established his credentials with us, became camera guy (CG) and took these shots. The rest is a bit of a blur but here are some highlights we remember.

MIB fucking Cat doggy style while she sucked my cock and I stroked CG’s cock.

Some random passers by who stopped to watch.

Me fucking Cat doggy style while she sucked CG’s cock.

While fucking Cat from behind, random passer by who had seen me stroking CG’s cock stroking my bare arse and me playing with his hard cock.

MIB and CG cumming.

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