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Pleasant Surprise

Last Friday night decided to visit a place known for dogging on the way home. Given the night was still warm and the forecast rain had not yet come I thought they may be a slim chance I may run into a couple.

When I arrived there didn’t seem to be anyone there so I hung about listened to an interesting football game that was happening on the radio.

After a while decided that tonight was going to be another non event decided I might head off but thought I might take a quick stroll around to check it out.

I walked past a park bench and seen a couple in the shadows in embrace but not realising until I walked right past them. They seemed spooked and shy about the occasion so I apologetically asked if they wanted some space and reluctantly the guy said yes so I walked a little distance away and could vaguely see the two dark figures in the distance.

After some time I decided that it was my time to go I started off for the exit and walked past the two at a shorter distance and they seemed unphased by my presence so decided to watch. They were a younger couple and the lady had a figure to die for. She was bent over the picnic table with her mini dress hiked up and a cute little g string around her ankles.

Her arse was beautifully rounded and looked fantastic as her partner was doing her doggy style. You could also see a nice full set of tits swaying as they were uncovered from her hiked up hoodie.

A few gestures between us indicated that they were happy with the distance between us so all was good. As he continued to screw her doggy style over the park bench another guy appeared began to watch but quickly lost interest so I had the viewing pleasure all to myself. As it wore on the sexy lady was letting out soft moans as she was reaching climax. They then changed positions as she sat on the seat and sucked her man until he came.

They they finished fixed themselves up and left quietly and I thanked them..
All in all a fantastic experience and I hope to see them back there again

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