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Dogging at its purist

Last night the weather was perfect for a spot of dogging so I headed out to a local dogging spot. As I chatted with a fellow dogger we watched a couple get out of their car and wander up the hill. We followed them up shortly after and found them kissing and cuddling by the side of the path. We stopped and watched and he exposed her pantiless butt to us and motioned for us to come closer. As we continued to watch he asked if we want to join them. The lucky lady soon had 6 hands and three tongue pleasuring her and was moving her hand between, and playing with three hard cocks. After about half an hour there was one very happy lady and three equally happy guys. After a quick thank you and goodbye they returned to their car and left.

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Lunchtime Surprise

This happened a few months ago now at a well known melbourne park location under a famous bridge. I had a rare weekday off work so headed down to the said park around lunchtime. Just as I was parking , I noticed a couple exiting their vehicle in the carpark. They immediately made their way into the park. Another guy was following them very closely, and I observed from a distance as they walked around for a while. I figured they may just be out for a lunchtime walk so headed up around the toilet block to see if there was anything else going on.

After a few minutes the couple came up the path towards the toilets and entered the disabled toilet. They were in there for a few mins when the guy came out, had a look around and nodded at me to come in. I followed him in and found a very sexy lady blindfolded in there. He told her to lift her dress up and show me her pussy. She obeyed, and I was encouraged to finger her while he took a few happy snaps. I fingered her and he joined in until she came.

He then had her sit down and suck his cock a little , before he motioned me over and she had a taste of my hard rod. He then had her stand up, and asked her to show us her ass, and she duly lifted her skirt to reveal a beautiful ass which I had a nice feel of. He then bent her over and rammed her from behind whole she gave me a lovely sloppy bj. He finished himself inside her, and indicated that was it so said thank you very much and left them to it.

A very nice lunchtime surprise

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Port Melbourne Packs a Punch

Katie hadn’t been let of the chain for a while, what with school holidays, colds and flu’s and a visit from the mother in law from sunny QLD. Thursday dawned, and the lure of fresh salt air beckoned.So we headed over the Bolte, admired all the tax payers money in our mini LA, spaghetti like freeway infrastructure, and made a dash for Todd Rd. Now the question is always head right for WGP, or left to Sandridge Beach.We went left and were lucky to find a park in the crowded Surf Life Saving headquarters precinct. Down the end of the parking lot, we exited the car, eager to explore the area again. What was once Melbourne greatest outdoor beat, had been chopped back, with the tea tree trimmed and the outgrowth exposed.

There were still 10 or so dudes cruising, not bad for 11:30 am. We headed to the bushes, and before I could get the zip undone, we were joined by two eager participant, who quickly had cocks out.

Katie was straight to her knees, and I was able to relax and take in the scene, as is my want. She eagerly worked the two cocks into a state of excitement, manually cranking one, whilst gobbing the other in her red lips. Her tits were set free and were handled with care to start, until the throbbing nipples expanded to their mightiest. At this point the boys caressing turned to kneading and it was soon time for the wetness in her pants to be dealt with.

Cock still in hand, and mouth, Katie was now being felt up from behind by a third dude, who proved to be a deft hand at finger fucking her from behind.

I encouraged our friends to fill her mouth with cum, but alas they were more middle to long distance athletes, and had set in for the full 42km.

Old mate at the back was now indiCathing a desire to fuck my gal doggy, and with a nod from I, he slipped on a rubber and dove in. Katie being the experienced nature fucker that she is found the support of a tree to be of assistance as she bent over to receive a mighty cock. Robert De Castella and Haile Gebrselassie were in no hurry up front, and old mate at the rear was pumping her cunt (and I was later told trying to hit the forbidden back button as well) like there was no tomorrow. Soon the rubber was flung off, Katie did a complete 180 degree turn and received her first of many loads for the day. The finishing line must have been nearing, as the two up front quickened their pace, and a cum eruption was imminent. Much to everyone surprise, Haile turned away just as he was set to cross the line, and some quick thinking by me had Katie’s mouth in position just in time. (He later commented he thought it impolite to ejaculate in a strangers mouth….. not sure what he had been watching for the previous 20 minutes, but we were no strangers!)

During this time I had been able to conduct a sample survey of the parks attendees, and judging from the lack of willing participants, and some distressing looks of disgust/anger/surprise we received I would say that 75% of the parks inhabitants were indeed seeking man on man kisses as opposed to the general bi guys any-port-in-a-storm approach.

We walked back to the car, and decided to head to the spiritual mecca of Melbourne public rooting, WGP, where we were met by more than one surprise..

Melbourne dogging meets

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