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Yarra Bend Dogging Melbourne

I had to work late that evening so on the way home I grabbed a pizza and parked near the river at YB. Later on I wandered over to the picnic area and noticed in the moonlight a couple who were busy kissing and cuddling whilst learning against one of the picnic tables.

I just stood back and observed for awhile then I stepped out in the open and continued to watch. They eventually noticed me and moved apart, I thought that was the end of the show but no they moved so that the lovely young lady could lay down on the table revealing a lovely pair of tits and no knickers.

They then proceeded to play some more whilst I watched from a discrete distance, until I was invited to play with the young lady’s lovely tits. I massaged and sucked on those adorable tits for awhile whilst her partner has busy stoking her lovely pussy. I was then invited to rub her very moist clit and from the moans and the smile on her face I’m sure she was enjoying it whilst she was playing with my cock which by now was very hard and throbbing. After I had cum from her attention she then change position so that her partner could do her doggy style whilst I continued to massage her lovely tits. It was beautiful sight particularly when hi-lited by the headlights from the occasional passing cars. After a while the young lady & her partner were suitably satisfied and we said our good nights.

I thanked the young lady and her partner, and I hoped we could do it all again.

That’s what I love about dogging, being at the right place at the right time to while away a few hours on wonderful evening

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